Friday, May 30, 2008

Jump on Baord ...Take a ride

off we go
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For the road trip West to East and Back again. No we are not lucky enough to travel in the air stream but by car. Here is the trip I hope to see flickr buddies in the places we met. LAX to Denver to Kansas to Springfeild to Detroit - two days Oh what to do!. Then on to Buffalo and Niagra...I cant wait to hear the bells there... Then 3 days from the 12th in New York. On to Philli, Harrisburg Pennsylvania then Washington DC. (Run Forset Run. )Charleston, Nashvillle Oh Uncommon objects and the junk gypsies then Mephis Tennessee. OH Oklahoma, Alberqueque, Flagstaff, or Lauhglin then What stays in Vegas for 5 days recuperating. Saturday the 29th - Cosa Mesta Market but I am praying I get to Snapshots and Sweetpeas. If you have any favorite shops you now of on the route please let me know. email Cheers Tracey

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